The order is subordinated to the acceptation from the customer of the following sales conditions :


PRIVACY : the customer must provide the personal data: first name, surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address, VAT code if a company, to the seller, Ms GRAZIELLA PALETTA, who promise to use it exclusively for the expedition of the order and to send informations about the order, and for the service of newsletters, if requested.


PRODUCTS : the products are realized on request, by artisans, this could cause a little delay to the time of delivery, and the model could be not exactly the same of that one presented, nevertheless, this is not a defect, it is a value which make each model “unique”, and it is guaranteed the same model and good quality of the product which is on display.


SUBSTITUTION :  the merchandise is controlled before the expedition, for this reason it is not accepted back goods damaged or used. In the case that the customer ask the  substitution with a different model, must write it in a paper enclosed, and also write the reasons of the substitution; must write if accept a similar model, in the case the model requested is not avaliable, or if wants the remboursement, and write the bank data for it. The expedition expenses for the returning goods are on charge of the customer, so as the expenses for the expedition of the substitute article. The merchandise must be sent back in 20 days time from the day of the reception; after that term it will not be possible to request substitutions or remboursements.


TRADEMARK : the customer who buys products “MY STAR” – “GRAZIELLA PALETTA DESIGNER” to re-sell it, must not modify the models, neither modify or remove the trademark and the labels.


Sending the order, the customer declare to accept and approve the conditions of sales.