The history of the brand “MY STAR” started in 2009, when the italian Designer GRAZIELLA PALETTA, after many years of collaboration with important international brands, decided to create her own collections, of jewels mainly, but also of clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and created her trademark, then internationally registered.

She loves stars, and choosed for her brand the name: “MY STAR” to dedicate it to a special star, the star of her heart; “MY STAR” in fact, is the nickname she call her beloved one, since many years before. From that come the slogan: ” My Star is Love”.

True love is something rare and precious, and the Designer decided that the products of her brand must be ” of niche” and precious, for the materials they are made of, for their realization entrusted to the best master artisans, and entirely in Italy, and, of course, for their Design; GRAZIELLA PALETTA will always be the only one who create all the models of her brand, where she transfer her professional experience, her wide culture in the Fine Arts, and also all her passion and sensitiveness; she create also the slogans, and the texts, because the products “MY STAR” must be more than just objects, even if beautiful and precious: they must be a symbol and bring a positive message. Then she also created a special star, recognizable, which is symbol of the brand, and patented it and also other models.

Among the models she patented, there are some innovative models of necklaces and bracelets which can be adapted “transformed” into a functional decoration for bags and shoes. GRAZIELLA PALETTA advertised these models on jewelry magazines, with the name: ” I TRASFORMABILI” (the transformables).

From 2010 the brand “MY STAR” is present as exhibitor in several editions of the international jewelry fair of Vicenza, and in Milan “Macef” fair, and in advertisements on jewelry and fashion magazines. In 2010 start the web site:www., with a part entirely dedicated to the Brand "MY STAR", a site into the site, connected with the current site for the e-commerce.

The production of “MY STAR” started in the jewelry sector, in gold and precious stones; the bags, the shoes, the accessories, are present with jewel parts, removable, so as for the clothing, unique models of artisanal tayloring couture. Even the underwear and beachwear Line is produced with the same artisanal care, and the models are made to bring removabe jewels.

In the following years also started the silver collections, also a precious material, but with a cheap price, so that  everyone can afford  to own a “MY STAR” jewel.

With the same concept started, in 2014, the clothing Collection: “JEWELSHIRTS”, t-shirts in pure italian cotton, made in Italy, which represent by pictures and embroideries, the jewels of the collections “MY STAR”, and their messages. Also started a sportswear Line : “MY SPORT STAR”.

In 2014 also starts the idea of the parfume: “MY STAR Le Parfum”, and GRAZIELLA PALETTA started to work at this project. Love is in the air..

In 2014 start the current web site for the e- commerce: